H2 Drone Hybrid Engine



H2 The Oil-Electricity Hybrid System

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H2 has the unique rectifier voltage stabilizer control program ,turning the energy of an oil engine into a power that can be directly used by an electric drone.

Keep the advantages of higher energy density of gasoline and more flexible controls of electric drones .Long hours of idle work come true for drone.

The product use gasoline NO. 95,three litres of gasoline can fly for 2 hours at the weight of 18 kilograms.

What is H2 ?

This light electricity power engine is designed for industrial multi-rotor uav . The product weighs 3.5 kg, the most power 2.0 KW, and the steady output power is 1.8 KW. Using the efficient electromagnetic transformation scheme of self-study design .Turning the kinetic energy of a gasoline engine into electricity. Electrical management makes it a stable DC current ,Supply drones or other devices. The interface is the same as the lithium-ion battery. The lithium battery is removed and inserted into H2 for direct use.


4.0kg(8.8lb) w/o Accessories / (5.2kg11.5lb) Total.
1.8kW(2.4hp) Continuous / 2.0kW(2.6hp) Max.Power
Demension (L*W*H)
260*312*325mm/10*12*12 in
Applicable UAV Types
Multicopters VTOL Fix-wings
Max. Take-off Weight
18kg(39.7lb) or UAV suggested
Output Voltage
12 S(49V)
Fuel consumption
70 g/kw·h(hovering 1.5 L/h)
Service Temperature
Ceiling (above the sea)
2000 m